Dino Digital Solutions

Dino Digital Solutions was founded in 2018 by Michel ter Stege.

Michel ter Stege Michel ter Stege has a Bachelor Electrical Engineering and is an experienced Software Designer, both in the field of Embedded and Desktop applications. With his knowledge of C, C ++, Test Driven Development (TDD), Object Oriented Programming (OOP) and Domain Driven Design (DDD) he is widely applicable. He has a passion for technology, works very neatly and structured and never leaves a job half done.

In his spare time, he enjoys traveling and spending time with his family.

Our method

Our aim is to always deliver a product that fully meets your needs. We are convinced that having the requirements right and a good design lead to better implemented and tested products. That is why we always start with an extensive intake interview in which we map out your wishes as well as possible. Then we work out the specifications in a design according to the Domain Driven Design (DDD) method. In short, this means that by means of regular feedback we will create a design that is clear to everyone.

DINO logo

Then the implementation follows the Test Driven Development (TDD) method. This means that testing always remains one step ahead on the implementation. This guarantees that you will receive an optimally tested product. Only if you are completely satisfied the product is delivered and if a bug fix is ​​required afterwards, then support is naturally included as standard. But after that, the support does not have to to hold; if you want, we can also take care of the maintenance and expansions.

We work location independent as DIgital NOmads (we combine travel and work) and are therefore available 7 days a week. Do you need us during office hours, during the weekend or in the evening hours? Everything is possible. We also do not have an expensive office building or an expensive lease car allowing us to use advantageous rates.

Feel free to contact us to discover what we can do for you.