Desktop Applications

Do you know that application full of functionality that can not be found? Or that good looking application that does not function properly? We have expertise both on the technical level of implementation and on the area of ​​User Interface Design.

We create for you desktop applications with Qt (C ++ or Python). Qt is the cross-platform software development framework to experience platform independent graphical user interfaces. Of course, the applications come complete with simple installer and a built-in help menu.

Platform Independent Embedded Systems

At Dino Digital Solutions we believe in maintainable robust software that is largely independent of the platform on which the firmware is running. This is achieved by dividing the code into layers. That will decouple the application, the electronics and the controller from each other. Also we design. your software according to the Domain Driven Design (DDD) method. In short, this means that in multiple iterations through regular feedback we get a design that is clear to everyone. During development Test Driven Development (TDD) is applied. This ensures that an associated test is provided for each part of the code. An additional advantage is that at changes or expansions in the future the application always remains stable.

(ds)PIC Solutions

In addition to working as much platform independent as possible there is also extensive experience with the popular 8-bit and 16-bit controllers from Microchip such as the PIC16, PIC24 and dsPIC33.


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